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Tour of the Bell HomesteadTour of the Bell Homestead

The Bell Homestead boasts a unique history. After providing an inspirational setting for the invention of the telephone in 1874, the home saw six owners after the Bell family sold the farm in 1881. In 1909, the house and surrounding lands were purchased from the last private owner by the Bell Telephone Memorial Association and deeded to the Board of Park Management of the City of Brantford. A year later, the home opened its doors to the general public. Since that time, extensive restoration and the recovery of a significant collection of original Bell family furnishings and household trappings have revived the home's 1870s appearance, affording guests the opportunity to spend a welcomed visit at "Melville House".

Tour of the Bell HomesteadTour of the Bell Homestead

Tours provided by staff in 19th century costume, demonstrations of various household activities, and audio-visual presentations will provide an entertaining and educational experience.

The Homestead is situated on ten acres of land that incorporates period-style rural perennial flower and herb gardens surrounded by wooded grounds, all overlooking the Grand River. A picnic area is available for use from May to late Autumn. Washroom facilities are provided and all buildings are wheelchair accessible. Don't forget to visit our museum store and the Homestead Café!

Tour of the Bell Homestead