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Homestead Cafe and Museum Store 

THE HOMESTEAD CAFE: Celebrating our 13th Season in 2014!

Lunch is Served!

Your visit to the Homestead isn't complete without a stop at our Café. The eclectic menu features tried and true favourites as well as seasonal fare.You 'll find yourself enjoying a delicious lunch or an afternoon bite to eat in a Victorian tea room setting.

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With seating for 56, the historic surroundings also provide a great place for group gatherings and parties. Give us a call at 519.756.6220 for further information or reservations.

Cafe Season & Hours:  May 6th to October 10th, 2014, Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, (Unless Otherwise Posted)

Books at the Museum Store
Book Title Price in $CAD
Reluctant Genius: The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell - by Charlotte Gray $ 36.95
My Dear Aleck: Selected Letters of the Bell Family, 1867-1873 - Annotated by Brian Wood $ 22.95
The Bell Family at Baddeck - by Judith Tulloch $ 19.95
Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone - by Edwin Grosvenor and Morgan Wesson $ 60.00
Mabel Bell: Alexander Silent Partner - by Lilias M. Toward $ 16.95
The Aerial Experiment Association: Aviation Pioneers - by Judith Tulloch $ 8.95
Benny Makes a Call - by Annette Nardone $ 10.00

Prints and Posters at the Museum Store
Prints and Posters Title Price in $CAD
Original Silkscreen Prints – "Melville House" - by Rose Hirano (framed) $ 150.00
Original Post-Impressionist-style Prints - by Jack Jacokowetz (unframed) and Bell Homestead, Henderson Home, Bell Telephone Company Building and Alexander Graham Bell Statue $ 58.00 ( 81/2" x 11" ) and $ 89.00 ( 13" x 19" )
Watercolour Prints – Bell Homestead - by John Bonfield (unframed) $ 3.99
"The Evolution of the Telephone" Posters $ 15.00
"Alexander Graham Bell – Bell Homestead N.H.S." Posters $ 5.99

Gifts and Souvenirs at the Museum Store
Prints and Posters Title Price in $CAD
Pewter Daffodil Telephone Key Chains by Robert Hall Originals $ 9.95
Die Cast Daffodil Telephone Pencil Sharpeners $ 4.99
Bell Homestead Art Mugs by Jack Jackowetz $15.00
A.G. Bell Statue Art Mugs by Jack Jackowetz $15.00
Bell Homestead Lapel Pins $3.50
Daffodil Telephone Brantford Pins $ 1.50