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This sturdy homestead was the site of one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in history.  On July 26th, 1874, the young Alexander Graham Bell sat in the dale here, in a spot he called his "dreaming place", and pondered the quest for a "speaking telegraph".  As he stared down at the Grand River that warm summer day, inspiration struck: Bell grasped the principle on which his most famous invention, the telephone, would work.  On a subsequent visit to his parents here two years later, he mounted one of the three crucial public demonstrations that proved the telephone was a practical form of communication.  Bell's invention would reshape the world.

These momentous events created such affection for this mid-Victorian farm that in 1909 the Bell Telephone Memorial Association purchased the property and deeded it to the Brantford Board of Park Management, for use in perpetuity as a public parkland and memorial of the invention of the telephone in Brantford.  The Bell Homestead, as it quickly came to be known, opened its door to the public for the first time in 1910.

This is a picture of Bell Homestead Museum

For a century, the Homestead has welcomed visitors from far and wide.  As one of Ontario's oldest historic home museums, it has grown significantly in that time, with three restored historic buildings and an eclectic collection of original Bell family artifacts.  Together they tell the story of how a young teacher of the deaf came to invent the telephone.

Special Note - The Exchange Café at the Bell Homestead NHS will be closed on Tuesday, May 22nd following the Victoria Day Weekend.  Regular hours resume on Wednesday, May 23rd, 10am to 3pm.

Parking Lot Update

The first phase of reconstruction of the Bell Homestead parking lot was completed in 2017.  Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2018.  Landscaping, top lift of asphalt, lighting and security are all part of Phase 2.  It is anticipated that the majority of construction will be completed over 6 weeks.

Some access to the parking lot will be maintained for public use periodically during construction.  For a portion of the construction period, parking will be limited to the drop off area at the Visitor's Centre and street parking.

Your patience and understanding for the duration of construction is much appreciated.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Brantford Parks and Recreation office, at 519-756-1500.